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Access Locksmiths can provide a
                                                                                                                         Restricted Master Keys System to suit your needs.                                                                                      

Our Restricted Master Key System gives you control over whom has access to certain areas of your business or building. Our RMK  System also gives you control over the coping of the keys. Owning a “Restricted System”  means that you are the only person who can order any key to be copied.  Our RMK System  ensures that no duplicate keys can be cut.

Our RMK System puts the control of security to your business, building, hotel and even your home back in your hands.

Below is an example of how our RMK System can be used.


Access RMK System Matrix


Access Locksmiths also provides a One Key service. We can re-key your existing locks so that one key will open every lock in your business or home.*

* cylinder type must be the same.





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