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Locksmith Brisbane – Residential 

Our Most Popular Residential Locksmith Services:

  • 24 Hour Door Opening / Lockout Service.
  • Changing your door locks for residential homes.
  • New door locks installed on your doors.
  • Rekeying your door locks to new keys.
  • Damaged locks repaired or replaced.
  • Electronic door locks installed.
  • Broken keys removed from locks.
  • Replacement of faulty window locks.


How long will it usually take for us to get to you in an emergency?

It normally takes us around half an hour for most areas around Brisbane. Our Locksmiths are in mobile vans on the road so they will usually be close enough to you to get there in half an hour, depending on what they are doing at the time. At Access Locksmiths Brisbane we have a live scheduling booking system that will dispatch the closest Locksmith to you after considering their location and availability.

What do I need to tell the Locksmith before he is dispatched?

Access Locksmiths have highly trained technicians that are well appraised of any locks you may have at your home in Brisbane. We often like it if you can send a picture via email or text so that we can bring the correct gear for your house. This definitely makes our job a lot easier.

If I am locked out, how long does it usually take the locksmith to gain entry?

When our locksmith gets to your house, it should only take 5 or 10 minutes to open the door. If it is going to take any longer than that, the locksmith will tell you and advise you about further options. It would be quite unusual for a lockout in Brisbane to take any longer than 15 minutes.

Does gaining entry do any damage to my locks?

In almost every case, there will be no damage to your door locks. Of course, if there is any problem with opening the door, our locksmith will tell you immediately. In the worst cases we might have to drill the door lock out with a cordless drill. This is pretty rare, but when we do have to it isn’t usually a big deal – we simply replace the lock cylinder with a new one and rekey it back to your original key – like nothing ever happened!  Don’t be afraid to call us 24 hrs if your locked out with lost keys or a broken lock, we are the Brisbane lockout specialists and we are always there for your emergency locksmith needs.

What is the cost of getting a locksmith out in Brisbane?

Access Locksmiths has a whole range of Home Locksmith services, and prices are based on the type of work that you need. If you need to get an estimate, the only real way is to phone or email us and we can get back to you with a pretty accurate idea of what it will cost. Just phone us now and one of our friendly locksmiths will be able to help.  We come out to any Brisbane suburb 24/7 !

Lockout Services / 24 Hour Gain Entry / Locked Out / Lost Keys / Emergency Locksmiths

When it comes to getting you into your Brisbane home, Access Locksmiths are the people you need. You don’t need to worry about climbing through windows or getting to balconies. The best and safest way to get into your home is with Access Locksmiths. You really don’t want to hurt yourself breaking windows, and not to mention that you will also be making your house insecure. Really the only smart option is get a locksmith out ASAP.

Access Locksmiths will get into your home using best practices. We have several methods for getting in, and our technicians will start with the easiest method, then move on to harder methods if unsuccessful.

Our Brisbane locksmiths are, of course, always mindful that they need to avoid doing any damage to your home. Also remember that we will not leave your property less secure than it was, and our locksmiths will always advise you if they think you need better security – no hard selling, no ‘do you want fries with that’ – just simple advice that you can take if you choose.

Changing Locks

As a Brisbane resident, you should take some time to think about the state of your door locks. In conjunction with your exterior doors, your locks work tirelessly to keep you safe and your belongings safe and secure. From time to time we have all needed to change our locks – whether it’s because you have lost your keys, or evicting someone, maybe after a home break-in, or even just for your own peace of mind. It’s at this time that we recommend thinking about upgrading your existing locks to newer and more secure locks. Brisbane is truly a great city to live in, but we can’t just leave the doors unlocked like we used to in the 70’s anymore!

Whatever the reason that you want to change your locks, we recommend that you contact one of our professional locksmiths who will walk you through a plan for changing your locks. If you need to add deadlocks or any other additional security, our locksmiths will point this out to you. Don’t worry this is no hard selling technique, just honest advice designed to protect you and your family. Lock Installation As the locks on your house age, they may need to be replaced. Sometimes your locks might be getting harder and harder to use, or a lock can just suddenly fail without too much warning. At Access Locksmiths we will only replace your locks with commercial quality locks, which have been rigorously tested and rated for the highest levels of security and durability. Our qualified locksmiths can provide you with several options of colour and function for your new door locks, giving you an idea of the best choice for security and reliability. In Brisbane houses it is often the case that you only have a single entrance lock on the main entry door to your home. We will usually advise you to get an additional deadlock or deadlatch fitted if this is the case. Having two locks on your front door can increase the security of the door by a great deal. In Queensland, when adding additional locks to doors, we have to be mindful of the Australian Building Code of Australia (BCA D2.21), and the Queensland Fire Regulations (Queensland Development Code MP 6.1), and of-course the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1905.1 and AS/NZS 4145.1-2008). The main question that we are asked in Brisbane is “can I get a deadlock fitted to my unit door”. And the short answer is usually – Yes! But it has to be a specific type of deadlock (a deadlatch) and it has to meet all of the above regulations, standards, and laws. The only way to be sure is to book in one of our Qualified and Licensed locksmiths to come out to your home and give you the appropriate advice.

Electronic Lock Installation

The future of Brisbane home security seems to be electronic locks. Electronic locks are merging the convenience of new technology with the security that locks already provide today. Apart from the fact that electronic locks look better and more modern, they can help you cast a wider security net over your home even from a remote location.

The number of houses in Brisbane that are beginning to take advantage of electronic locks is increasing every year. Before you decide that you want to incorporate electronic locks into your home, it is essential for you to understand how electronic locks work, and to have a good understanding of the advantages and limitations of electronic locks.  Just call our residential locksmith service people now for the best advice possible.

Electronic locks are constantly breaking new ground in the locksmith industry as they work to innovate the functions of home security. Other than the technological innovation that electronic locks bring to the table, they are also designed to give you a lock that looks and feels like the future has already arrived. Getting electronic locks installed is definitely something that many home owners are taking advantage of now. If you are considering Electronic locks and Access Control, you should have one of our locksmiths come to your home to assess the doors for suitability. There are many choices that need to be made – such as whether to use battery powered or hard-wired locks and hardware. A look at the doors you have can help to guide you toward the kind of locks required. Some of the cheaper locks available at hardware stores or online can actually significantly reduce your security so this is why it is always best to talk with a qualified locksmith before replacing any locks on your doors. We will only ever suggest ways to Increase your security, and there is certainly now a whole range of very good and reliable electronic locks available.  Our residential locksmith service technicians can help you now.

Rekey Locks / lock-rekey

When Access Locksmiths sends out a tradesman to rekey your locks, we firstly need for you to choose how you want your locks keyed. The choices are generally as follows; All of your locks changed to one key, we call this keyed alike. All of your locks changed, but to different keys. We call this keyed to differ. All of your locks changed, with keys that have differing access levels. We call this masterkeying. This will usually include Masterkeys (that fit all locks) and change keys (that only fit some locks) Also some locks can be Maison keyed, this is where many keys fit the one lock (like the front common entrance door of a unit block) All of your locks changed to a high security key system. We call this a restricted system. When we rekey or masterkey your existing locks, our locksmiths will remove the cylinder or lock from your door, and disassemble the parts. The locksmith will then replace the internal parts with new parts that will match the new keys, then reassemble and reinstall the locks and cylinders to your doors. This process certainly doesn’t harm your locks, infact we service all of the parts of your locks during this process. Our residential locksmith service locksmiths will check for any signs of wear, and of course look for any sign of vulnerability that may make the lock less secure.

Damaged Locks Repaired or Replaced

Your door locks are an important part of keeping your home safe and secure. It is obviously our hope that every home is equipped with locks that keep your family safe. We all know that from time to time locks may fail or become less secure, and when this happens it is best to call in a professional locksmith. Like it or not, locks are a part of a passive web of security that protect us silently day and night throughout our lives.

The daily use of locks leads to wear and tear over the years and this can eventually lead to the need for lock repairs. Most of us hardly notice the signs, like; That your key is getting harder and harder to use over the years. That you have to jiggle the key to open your door. That you got a key copied and it’s really hard to turn it in the lock. That you have to slam the door to get it to stay closed or locked That the door moves a lot when it is closed or rattles in the wind. That you have to lift your security door handle to lock it. That you have to move the door back and forth to lock it. All of these problems and many more are examples of when to call out a locksmith. In most cases, lock problems start out as minor faults that can be easily fixed. We urge you not to ignore maintenance of your security as the consequences can be dire. We often see people ‘locking the gate after the horse has bolted’ (getting all of their security repaired after a break-in)  Just call our Residential Locksmith Service hotline now for all the right answers.

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Don’t Forget!  We Also Do Garage Remotes as part of our Residential Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith Service List;

  • –  Rekey your house to one key
  • – Change the locks after keys are lost
  • –  Fit deadlocks to your doors
  • –  Replace screen door locks that are worn out

    Access Locksmiths Residential Locksmith Service Brisbane Keys
    Residential Locksmith Service
  • –  Replace Door Locks that have failed
  • –  Fit new window locks for insurance requirements
  • –  Repair old mortise locks that are failing
  • –  Provide a security audit of your home
  • –  Fit Panic Bolts to your old queenslander doors
  • –  Supply Patio Bolts for your timber French doors
  • –  Make keys to your letterbox lock
  • –  Residential Locksmith Service
  • –  Make your front gate lock with an Energex Key
  • –  Install access control for your front door
  • –  Replace the motor in your garage door
  • –  Make your garage and gate work use one remote
  • –  Replace your garage remote with a new remote
  • –  Ensure that your front fire door is fire compliant
  • –  Master key your house for gardener / maid access
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