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Locksmith Albion, Access Locksmiths are a Mobile Locksmith Service that is based in Albion, Brisbane. Locksmith Albion Access Locksmiths offer so numerous Locksmith Services in Brisbane, and in a trade that is continuously evolving it is tough to make a definitive list.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Rekey your office locks
Replace your office locks
Make secrets to your business locks
Supply industrial or office fire door locks
Supply Masterkey Systems to your structure
Supply Do Not Copy Smart Key
SystemsCut secrets to your Restricted Key System
Supply High Security Key Systems
Make your missing out on filing cabinet secrets

Residential Locksmiths Services

Locksmith Albion

Hire Access Locksmith Services Near Albion, Brisbane

Rekey your house to one secret
Modification the locks after secrets are lost
Fit deadlocks to your doors
Replace screen door locks that are worn
Change Door Locks that have actually failed
Fit new window locks for insurance requirements
Repair old mortise locks that are failing
Offer a security audit of your home
Fit Panic Bolts to your old queenslander doors
Supply Patio Bolts for your timber French doors
Make secrets to your letterbox lock
Make your front gate lock with an Energex Key
Install access control for your front door
Change the motor in your garage door
Make your garage and gate work utilize one remote
Change your garage remote with a new remote
Guarantee that your front fire door is fire compliant
Master crucial your residence for garden enthusiast/ maid gain access to

Industrial Locksmiths Services

Locksmith Albion, Access Locksmiths are a Mobile Locksmith Service that is based in Albion, Brisbane. Access Locksmiths have serviced Brisbane, Queensland with Mobile Tradesmen given that 1999, and in this time we have actually employed many Qualified Locksmiths, as-well as training a number of Locksmith Apprenticeships. Locksmith Albion Access Locksmiths offer so numerous Locksmith Services in Brisbane, and in a trade that is continuously evolving it is tough to make a definitive list. Locksmith Albion– Access Locksmiths are extremely qualified to seek advice from with you about your needs and only too happy to help. Locksmith Albion Access Locksmiths have proprietry security systems established in residence that have actually not been beaten or foiled.

Guarantee that your stockroom is safe with an audit
Examine your fire escape door compliance
Fit dead-latches to your Building doors for security
Fit Ambulant Compliant door furniture for safety
Fit a limited masterkey system for personnel control
Supply a high security essential system for extra security
Fit Access control systems for personnel monitoring
Fit single action release locks for fire compliance
Evaluate the security of your premises in Brisbane.

Locksmith Albion Access Locksmiths Phone 0404159369

Locksmith Albion– Access Locksmiths are extremely certified to consult with you about your requirements and just too delighted to help. Years of experience in south east Queensland has assisted us to construct up a big knowledgebase of practical and helpful locking and security approaches. Locksmith Albion Access Locksmiths have proprietary security systems established in house that have not been beaten or foiled. These systems are custom built for each application which is why crooks are yet to penetrate our systems. Our system, the ‘ACCESS2000 � is at the time writing this article unbeaten and foolproof. We advise that the Access2000 is only for severe security requirements, ie government or military security, and large organizations such as NGOs that need the utmost in security and discretion. Thank You for visiting our website and keep in mind when you are in requirement of Locksmith Albion services, don’t think twice to call us.
If your Interested in a mobile service that can come to you in another Brisbane suburb perhaps you might want to click here we service all Brisbane areas with our mobile service vans. We also have an Acacia Ridge Locksmiths Service and Alderley Mobile Locksmiths as well.

Albion is bounded by Wooloowin in the north, Ascot in the east, Newstead in the south, and Windsor to the west, with Breakfast Creek defining the suburb border in its south and south-west. Sandgate Road, a major road on the north side of Brisbane, runs through the middle of the suburb. A variety of housing styles, from former workers’ cottages through to modern brick homes and unit blocks, can be found in Albion.

The Albion Park Paceway, first established in the 1880s, is a harness racing club and greyhound racing track found in Breakfast Creek, a locality in southern Albion

Albion Hotel, Brisbane, ca. 1866, from which the suburb of Albion takes its name

The name Albion comes from the Albion Hotel built by Thomas Hayseldon (also written as Hazeldon), which was so called because the white wall of John Petrie’s quarry reminded Hayseldon of the England’s white cliffs (Albion being an old name for England, from the Latin albus meaning white). From 1866 to 1870, the proprietor was Edward Hudson.[2]

Abbotsford Road Bridge
Albion Hotel, 2013, listed on the Brisbane Heritage Register “Whytecliffe” 1930

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Albion has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

  • Abbotsford Road: Abbotsford Road Bridge
  • 21 Birkbeck Street: Dunaverty
  • 12 Gore Street: former MUIOOF Lodge Hall
  • 58 Grove Street: Early Cottage
  • 32 Higgs Street: Holy Triad Temple
  • 60 Hudson Street: former Albion Flour Mill
  • 2 Kingsford Smith Drive: Breakfast Creek Hotel
  • 17 Lever Street: Herberton Cottage
  • 16 McLennan Street: Fire of Hope Baptist Church Manse & Hall
  • 27 McLennan Street: residence ‘Emerald’ (now ‘Fakenham’)
  • 40 McLennan Street: residence ‘Argyle’
  • Sandgate Road: Remnants of the 2nd Breakfast Creek Bridge (North)
  • 282 Sandgate Road: Shops
  • 297 Sandgate Road: Albion Building
  • 299 Sandgate Road: Wyllie’s Buildings (Shops)
  • 300 Sandgate Road: Albion Hotel (the second hotel on the site, not the one that gave the name to the suburb)
  • 327 Sandgate Road: former Commonwealth Bank
  • 334 Sandgate Road: Albion Exchange
  • 336 Sandgate Road: Shops
  • 344 Sandgate Road: former Albion Public Hall
  • 349 Sandgate Road: former Albion Post Office
  • 366 Sandgate Road: Corner Shop and original baker’s oven
  • 414 Sandgate Road: Shop and residence
  • 469 Sandgate Road: St Columban’s Christian Brothers College, Whytecliffe, Highlands (former)
  • 475 Sandgate Road: Shops
  • 10 Stoneleigh Street: Residence ‘Whetfield’
  • 24 Stoneleigh Street: 19th century cottage
  • 63 & 65 Stoneleigh Street: Duplex ‘Caders’


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